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Amazon Advertising: Everything you need to know

I’m willing to bet, when you have marketing discussions with team members, you typically discuss the same three or four social media platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Wikipedia. But what about Amazon?

In 2018, Amazon launched “Amazon Advertising,” (formerly Amazon Marketing Services, or AMS), as a search advertising solution for Amazon vendors. Similar to “pay-per-click” ads on Google, vendors only pay when shoppers click on ads. AMS is expanding rapidly. In fact, Amazon’s ad revenues are projected to reach $12.75 billion by 2020, with a solid annual increase of 23 percent since 2019.

Advertising on Amazon may help you get started in the online advertising space, so we have put together this exhaustive guide to help you advertise on the platform in 2020.

Breaking Down the Different Types of Amazon Ads
Amazon Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products, natively known as Cost-Per-Click (CPC) ads, offer a great way to attract prospective clients by displaying ads throughout search results or on detail pages under the Sponsored Products Related to This Item heading. These advertisements are commonly used to drive customers directly to your products, and they will help your bottom line.

Sponsored Products ads are usually a great starting point for those who want to test Amazon advertising because they enable you to target audiences who are just browsing on Amazon, or are searching for a particular product like yours.

Amazon Sponsored Brands

Amazon Sponsored Brands advertisements appear on search results pages and product pages are triggered by keyword searches only. They aid your business in gaining brand awareness by marketing your entire product line on Amazon. This is a great way to bring attention to your business and merchandise line, not just a single offering.

Amazon Sponsored Brands Video

Sponsored Product Video Advertisements automatically run when 50% of displayed content is the one advertised in. Successful advertisements link directly to a product detail page, where customers can access additional information and purchase products. Video advertisements help to show the product in action, convey a message, and break up the monotony of scrolling Amazon has customers.

The optimal duration of a Video Ad is between 15-30 seconds and is best suited for mobile devices, too. Try to keep your customers’ attention by using short video to demonstrate your product’s efficacy and features in the first few seconds, visually telling your product story, using closed captions, and including a clear call to action.

Can Your Content Be Too LongAmazon Sponsored Display?

Amazon Sponsored Display ads let you connect with relevant parties who are inclined to browse, discover, or purchase products by choosing the ad to be placed up against those who have previously browsed that list or that suit the same object. Amazon Display Advertising strategies help you connect to pre-targeted audiences that share your interest in your product or a similar product both on and off Amazon.

Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform)

Amazon’s DSP ads feature the ability to buy display, audio, and video ads on both Amazon and other publisher sites, including Amazon’s own apps and Kindle Fire. DSP is highly dependent on customer behavioral data and utilizes a customized algorithm to deliver the right ad to the right customers at the right time and re-engage them.

Amazon Storefronts

Amazon storefront (also known as the Amazon Store) is an innovative way to earn loyal customers among potential customers. By linking your storefront to an Amazon Storefront, you can expand your brand’s available products and provide a small-scale shopping experience for customers within the huge Amazon universe.

Amazon sellers who set up Storefronts for their brands also have access to Store Insights—a dashboard that provides powerful insights into Store-related sales, visits, page views, and traffic (both on and off Amazon). At SupplyKick, we see up to a 30% increase in sales per visitor on our partners’ Amazon Stores.

Amazon Posts

If Instagram and Amazon had a baby, it would be Amazon Posts. Posts are a part of Amazon s methods to help brands create a sense of community and target essential connections directly on the platform. With Posts, registered sellers can publish content to a story about an Amazon shoppable feed.

How to Maximize Advertising Performance
  • Use multiple keyword match types and targeting types
  • Set up campaigns that isolate search terms
  • Test new keywords and ad types
  • Monitor budget and bids

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