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Quality Over Quantity in Content Marketing

It’s been a debate among SEO specialists for quite some time, and it’s a discussion that continues to this day. Did a longer piece help improve search engine rankings, or is there more involved? With current data, we will assess this issue in this article. So strap in, and keep yourself educated.

Can length really affect website ranking?

Based on the information Google provides, Google does care about word count. Ultimately, there are two answers to this question. The answer is no; Google does not care about word count. John Mueller, the search liaison at Google, stated flatly that word count is not a direct search ranking factor.

The helpful content update

Helpful content should be

  • Up to date
  • Accurate
  • Accessible
  • Comprehensive
Pay Attention to Top-Ranking Content on the SERP

When you’re trying to determine the SEO word count for an article, look at those that are currently ranking on the SERP. How often are the articles? Do they all cover the subject in-depth, or is the content relatively shallow? This isn’t the be-all-end-all (far from it), however it’s a good starting point. If, for example, the top five entries average between 4,000-5,000 words, it’s a good indication that the rest should also be around that word count.

Is Content Quality Linked to Word Count?

No and yes are relevant factors to consider in regards to quality content. Word count, though, is a prerequisite for good quality content, but it’s no guarantee. If you put 5,000 words worth of fluff, you can end up in oblivion on SERPs, however, you could also publish 2,000 words of in-depth exclusive content and come out on top on SERPs. As a general rule, always choose substantive content over word count.

Does Long-Form Content Rank Better?

Again, yes and no. Long-form content can rank better, especially regarding comprehensive topics but, in the majority of cases, it is more about content quality than content length. For instance, let s say you’re publishing on the topic of marketing automation. People who are seeking that term are searching for details on the subject so you’ll need to meet a reasonable word count.

Can Your Content Be Too Long?

Yes, your content can be too long. Google values quality over quantity, so your content is already long enough. If your 500-word article fits the search criteria, don’t make extra efforts to carefully write an additional 1,000 words. Google also penalizes keyword stuffing, so don’t make excessive effort to a certain point.

Word count is an important factor in SEO, but it’s still one of many. Ensure active, high-quality, and relevant content is relevant to and targeted to your audience and make as much as possible make certain that it ranks well on Google. Don’t ignore the target word count, and make sure your content is both captivating and useful.

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